Q: I was told you have very good reputation, are you really as good as those reviews written on you?
A: Absolutely! I am a well-known top independent escort in Shanghai. I am polite, respectful, and patient. Furthermore I provide you with both an intellectual and physical experience, which is full of passion and joy. It is understandable that you may have had some bad experiences before; however, I am honest and aim to please. Furthermore, many of my new clients are referred from past clients. You will certainly be spoiled as my king if you respect me and treat me properly.

Q: What will you do with me?
A: Oh, darling! The question is what you want to get from me, because different people have different tastes. I never treat an individual or meeting as some routine task. I take my time and go with the flow to make sure everything is just right. Foreplay is magnificent and turns me on. You can read more about an experience with my on my website or review sites.

Q: Can you dress discreetly when we meet? What will you wear to meet me?
A: I always dress elegantly in a nice designer dress or as an office lady. I will always have my black bag full of toys with me, but if you would like me to dress in a specific way(respectful), just let me know.

Q: What’s your rate? What’s your rate for one or two itemse.g, BBBJ
A: Please check the “DONATION” section of my website for details. The donation I charge is for my time with you, and please remember I don’t offer simple item service.

Q: Will you achieve all what you promise to me?
A: Honesty is one of my many great merits, and it’s also one of the reasons why I have such good reputation. Before we meet, I will be very clear on my taboos and also ask you to clarify your requirements; therefore, whatever we agree upon will meet or exceed your expectations.

Q: How many times can I be “there” each session?
A: Good question. The number of times depends on lots of factors such as chemistry, situation, mood and duration. I will do my best to please you.

Q: Can you give some discount?
A: I offer you a very unique and high quality service. My donation is very much in line with the quality of services I offer. If my donation is outside your budget, please allow me to suggest you set that aside funds until you have the full donation for the time frame you have in mind. Obviously, the short answer is No.

Q: Do I need to prepare anything before meeting?
A: I will take care of most things. You just need to make sure you are clean and ready. However, it will certainly boost my interest and excitement if you are bare in your intimate area.

Q: How old are you?
A: I am open about my age; I am in my late 20’s – the perfect age. I am mature to have a decent conversation and young enough to have lots of fun with. I know how to flirt with you and how to control the situation to make you relaxed and comfortable.

Q: What kind of gifts do you like?
A: I am not a greedy person and I don’t think it is your honor to meet me, so you don’t need to spoil me with additional presents. The agreed upon official donation is enough for my time to accompany you.

Q: I heard about your duos service, so what will you do with me and my wife / girlfriend?
A: I am a real bisexual and I like hardcore play with couples, which is rare in China. I provide you with a real high quality sexual session like the ones you would see in porn movies(but not acting J). Lesbian play, double penetration(on both ladies with you and strap-on), toys play, domination, submission, two on one(both ladies play with you together), watching porn movies, etc. I prefer to play with your wives or girlfriends that are really into duo fun, but can also be patient with beginners as well.

Q: I read your service lists that you offer duos, so do you have some girls who can join us?
A: If I feel you are friendly, respectful, and know how to treat ladies properly I will agree to meet with you with my friend Angie, who is really into duos porn fun as well. Furthermore, please prepare your donation for both of my friend Angie and me.

Q: Can I inform you the exact time as long as I have free time?
A: We are all busy people. It would be best if you book a few days in advance – one or two weeks ahead of time is even better.

Q: Do you accept BBF?
A: No. I am responsible to both you and myself and will never accept this.

Q: Do you prefer RMB or Dollars or Euro?
A: I prefer RMB, but U.S. dollars or Euros are also okay.

Q: Do you offer 30 minutes or 45 minutes short time meeting? What’s the rate for a short time date?
A: I don’t work at a BBS and I believe that you should really have an amazing unrushed experience. The minimum time is one hour.