There are two ways of living, "live to work" and "work to live". I choose the first opinion, because that's my life philosophy.

I am real, but not naive; I am confident, but not arrogant; I am sophisticated, but not materialistic. I am a person with a warm heart, I believe that life is a sweet thing for someone who has a pure conscience and a positive life attitude, no matter who we are and where we are. United States or South Africa, I am modest and prudent, and willing to learn from my travels and keep it as my life experiences. I enjoy New York's flourish, Washington D.C's decency, Boston's delicacy, San Francisco's miracle, Chicago's magnificence, Las Vegas' vitality. I also love Africa very much! Every time I travel in South Africa, I am so passionate about it. It's old and natural, I like the feeling to get away from cities and back to nature, and my soul can get pure there.

I try to travel the world as much as I can, so that I can have more understanding of people and life. Being an adventurous and extroverted person, I prefer to ponder on the meaning of life over lively conversations. To me, there is no other way to understand life and discover from what I have heard or read from experiencing it and then digesting it all. I always believe a bright person should not only have intelligence, it should have multiple elements; Such as, high intelligence, big mind, generous heart, great personality and life experience. In this case, I definitely should see the rest of world outside of my hometown Shanghai. Because I believe a big heart and a big mind work together.

We all have great expectations for our future, who doesn't have dreams? For a better future life, we need to seek opportunities and work hard. Everyone is the architect of his or her own fortune. Don't complain, because complaining doesn't help anything, it just makes things worse; don't pray to the God for anything, since God only bless people who are well prepared; don't give up on life, just let things come to us, we will find solutions to solve our troubles and make life move forward. We should believe in the future even if we cannot see the future. Life is always there, it depends on how we get it! I live for work, and I am a hard working person. I believe life is short, therefore, I need to prove myself with my mind and my abilities can't just waste my life. At least, if I look back on my life when I get old, I would be proud of what I have done in life.

The old adage "birds of a feather flock together" is a good rule for dating that will never go out of style. If I am your "bird", let's start with some drinks and conversation (my favorite drink is sweet wine, as sweet as apples), and then figure out my personality and explore my passion.

Important Notice:

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I Do Not offer massage service. Thanks for your understanding.

Lesbian Service With Caucasian Females are available to Cathy.

Make sure to checkout my body measurements before setting up an appointment. This will ensure a pleasant experience for both parties.


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