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Cathy Shanghai


The below services market with an * are my favorite

Normal Penetration (Covered)*
Oral (Expert, Bare & Covered )*
Deep Throat (Expert, Bare & Covered )*
Toy Play *
Strap-on *
Prostate Massage *
Cunnilingus *
Choke *
Fisting(Only Offer)*
Watch Porn Movies *
Lesbian Games(Only with Caucasian Females) *
Couple Friendly *
SOF(Sit On Face)
Foot Fetish
Body Worship
Ass Worship

Female Dominance
Female Submission(No Nipple Play; No Humiliation)
Male Dominance
Male Submission
Golden Shower(Offer and Receive, ONLY on body))
Dinner Date
Face Fucking
Body Rub
Reverse Body Rub
Dirty Talk




Lesbian play, hardcore play, double penetration(on both ladies with you and strap-on), toys play, domination, submission, two on one(both ladies play with you together), watching porn movies, etc.(Only with your wife, girlfriend and my friend Angie)

Please check the “Service Lists” very carefully. If you can’t find the service you want on the “Service Lists”, it means Cathy doesn’t offer it, regardless of additional tips. Thank you again for your understanding.

Bondage Requirements Fun

Cathy is a sweet mistress, not a professional tough mistress. Her service style is "kinky romance", which means she likes to mix the girlfriend experience and kinky stuff together. She doesn't forbid guys to explore her body, and she actually likes the orgasms she receives from guys a lot. As a mistress, she likes to dominate her slaves in mental, play humiliation games with them, use them as her toys, and make them feel helpless. That's the upscale lever SM fun. Cathy does not like to give too much pain on her slave boys in physical, such as, balls kick. Her favorite is mental and psychological play, and get satisfaction from watching her slaves in her strong but safe hands. You can start some drink and spirit conversations with her, try to break the ice and yield some chemistry. She can be very passionate if you prepare some sweet white wine or champagne for her, that's her favorite alcohol. After getting a bit drunk, she will jump on you and have very vanilla fun as start, and then she will guide your slaves to the further steps. No matter for the beginners or experienced slaves, the most significant element is that you guys should convince yourself that you are really into this lever fun. Look forward to have a moment with your slave boys!

Important Notes:

Bondage furniture is ONLY available for customers, NEVER for Cathy. No negotiations;

Only incall service for bondage furniture's fun; ( No Spies! )

Bondage furniture service is based on minimum couple of hours;

Communication of fantasies on bondage furniture fun is necessary.( Any dirty talk or test is boring and ridiculous! )