My First U.S Travel Experience

Almost everything I experienced during my last trip in Unite States still dwells in my mind though it has been more than half of year. It was a meaningful visit for me in the month and half I was there. It was not only my first independent travel abroad, but also I broadened my horizon and learned a lot from it.

Probably it’s hard for me to give a panorama of the Americans or The Unite States, because I have only visited a few cities, and these three cities are particular. As we all know, New York is a global power city, it’s one of the most populous urban agglomeration in the world. Washington DC, is the capital of The United States and quite political there. Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city known primarily for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife. Therefore, I can’t be prone to jump to hasty conclusions of such a big culturally diverse country.

Most Americans say the middle parts of The States represent typical American cultures and styles. Unfortunately, the reason why I am not able to travel there alone is due to no drive license. For Americans, it sounds a bit unbelievable that I don’t have a driver’s license, but it’s true, I have never driven in my life. It is not necessary to drive cars in Shanghai.

By and large, I’ve got a favorable impression of what caught my eyes and most people there have been pretty good to me, in spite of some terrible experiences that happened on me. So many different people and things appear in my life, they are back and forth, I can’t remember all of them. However, those which were etched in my memory, good or bad, just shock me.

I am a nice person with positive life attitude; I try to better improve myself from what I’ve experienced. Even if it’s bad experience, I often advise myself to learn lessons from it instead of complaining about it. Nothing will be changed no matter how much I complain, it will just make things worse and destroys my mood. So I choose to accept, learn and don’t make the same mistake next time. My motto is “life is a sweet thing for one who has a pure conscience”.

I spent one and a half months in The United States last time. It was a long visit, but short stay to know of a country. Actually what I saw and experienced in States is quite different from what I heard from others. The reality has further confirmed a saying, which is “words are but wind, but seeing is believing”. Before visiting States, I was told some negative comments on Americans, which now I think is unfair to judge others so generally. That’s also one of the faults I need to improve. The Americans I met in public places or in work are friendly, liberal, efficient, generous and well mannered, I didn’t feel anything uncomfortable to be with them while I was there. New York was my first and also last stop in my U.S visit.

I stayed in Manhattan around over two weeks total, but I didn’t do too much sightseeing because I believe travel is not going to different tourist attractions one by one and take pictures and then leave. That’s not my style. My theory is, it takes time to get familiar with a city, including its history, culture, people’s habits, surroundings, tourist attractions and so on. So what I did was I chose Midtown to stay in the two times I visited in Manhattan.

I walked around in Midtown whenever I had leisure time to hang out. I like to take a walk in streets and get things to come to me. It’s a spontaneous way to observe people’s life and culture of the region. Every time I shuttled among people, I had the genial feeling that I was in hometown Shanghai, but I still can tell so many differences between these two cities. I was born and raised up in Shanghai, and I have been living in this big city almost my whole life. For me, I am used to tall buildings, crowed people, entertainment, nightlife, traffic congestion, commercial shopping malls, and business conventions. So I didn’t feel rather lonely in this strange city. On the contrary, what occupied my heart was excitement. Especially when I overlooked midtown from financial district when I was along Hudson River, it reminded me of Shanghai.

We also have the similar extraordinary views in Shanghai. When I am frustrated, the beautiful Huangpu river views on the Bund will be the solution to heal me. I enjoy the cool breeze that comes from the river when I walk along the side of it and looking at the modern tall buildings with colorful lights on it at night. I feel the impulsion to cuddle this super modern city in the Orient as I stare at the amazing views in front of me, regardless of day or night. Sometimes I feel this city is so close to us that we can’t see it clearly, in its high speed development. It changes too fast to follow its steps. I am proud of my hometown Shanghai, with it’s vigorousness and potential.

I remember some taxi drivers in The States like talking to me as a tourist, they asked me that if I like The United States so far. My answer was definitely YES, especially New York, no doubt the outlook of Shanghai is just like New York in miniature. Nevertheless, in my opinion, because of different culture and social system, the difference between these two countries exists in many aspects.

What impresses me the most in The States is good order and normal institutions. It is reflected in variety of ways, the drivers park in the appointed places, people wait and stand in lines in public and especially the market regulation in U.S is organized. Probably it was my lousy habit, or I didn’t even realize my behavior, but I wasn’t in lines to get food in plates the first time I had my buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant. So there was a guy tried to gesture me that I shouldn’t jump in queue, at that moment, I felt a bit ashamed and I stood behind him in lines then. Since this issue happened on me, I didn’t make the same mistake to cut in lines anymore, even though after I coming back to Shanghai, I still have this strong memory in mind and urge myself on, because that’s a good habit to keep. The parking issue in the U.S is impressive to me as well. When I stayed in Washington DC, an American gentleman spent almost an hour on driving to my hotel, which is two blocks to the White House, and he couldn’t find any place nearby to park his car. After searching for around half an hour, unfortunately, he had to drive back to home and didn’t make the appointment with me as we arranged. Frankly speaking, I was really disappointed when I got the cancellation from him, because I was all prepared for the coming appointment with him and he was downstairs, just so close to me. After adjusting my mood, I took another look at this issue and he did the right thing. He is a qualified American citizen, and he is disciplined. If it happened in China, I probably would not muff the appointment up, because many people there don’t behavior perfect. Even if they are clear that they will get fine from the police, they still park everywhere or driver (walk) crazily if they want. I am sorry it sounds a bit rude to criticize my compatriots here, but I have to say I am very straight forward and I would rather to face the reality than cheating myself.

What I am trying to say is this is what most Chinese people need to improve and change, I know it probably will take generations to change people’s bad habits, but we still need to work on it for our better future. The market regulation gap between us and some developed Western countries is indeed one of the biggest failures the Chinese system needs to strike out.

I have the habit of using eyelash extensions, no matter wherever and whenever I am, I look charming with a pair of flamboyant eyes. Therefore, when I was in the States, I did the eyelash extensions in all three cities I visited, and what I experienced surprised me a lot. What I am talking about is not the skills, it’s all about market regulation. In Unite States, in any lash bar they provide something like an agreement, and all the customers need to read and sign it before getting the service. In the agreement, in addition to the personal information and general considerations, for example, “Tips for maintenance and care”, “general health and safety recommendations”, there are a number of considerations for special parts that customers need to be familiar with. Such as, “company policy”, which is, to charge 50% of the scheduled service of the schedule sere price when cancelling or rescheduling the day of your appointment. And to charge 100% of the schedule services on NO-SHOWS. This kind of agreement is vital for them to avoid getting in dispute with consumers; it’s responsible for each side and also binding on both parties. From talking with the cosmetologists in different lash bars, I even know more about this industry in the States. There are different standard cosmetologists for each different style eyelash extensions, and every cosmetologist should hold qualification certificate to service on customers. They are all trained in cosmetology establishments, and work from the basic eyelash extensions made, which called “natural full set”. After one year practice, they will get the opportunities to get next lever study, “volume full set”, the one is much more difficult to do. Only very few cosmetologists can be excellent and experienced enough to pursue the highest lever studies, which is “glamorous style”, most of them are experts in it. What I am trying to say is, a clear division of tasks, a clearly defined hierarchy are the keys of markets. Compare with the same industry in China market, the US one is definitely more normative.

I actually suggested my friend, the one who run an eyelash bar in Shanghai for 7 years, to reorganize her studio even though the business is pretty good and her work skill is much better than most other cosmetologists. Just make sure all the cosmetologists in her studio study and gets certificates from formal cosmetology establishments, perhaps she will see the new change of her business.

Some of my customers in Shanghai are curious about my first trip in US at the end of 2016, and they can’t wait for me to share my travel experience there. They even asked me if some good or bad experience happened on me, what were the crazy things I did in States, if I went to some famous tourist attractions, and whether I did lots of shopping there. To be honest, they are not the only one who are interested in my US visit, many guys I met there are inquisitive about me as well. As long as they know there was not any companion on my first journey in US, they are all surprised and then appreciate my brave mentality.

Actually it’s normal to me, as it’s all about my growth surrounding. I am the only one child in my family because of the special Chinese policy in my parents’ generation that each family only could have one kid. In this case, I am used to living alone, thinking alone, traveling alone, most of time I am alone. I am always alone, but it doesn’t mean I am lonely. I have a sweet family, and my parents are very close to me. I have bosom friends and having bosom friends is a blessing in itself. I am in a serious relationship, and I have someone truly in love with me. I have plans about my future for which I will work hard on it and struggle with life. I am comfortable to travel alone and I am able to take good care of myself. Probably the only fly in the ointment of travelling alone is no one can share the gratuity everywhere in US with me.

I believe that Unite States is a big service country, that’s maybe the major reason you need to tip them everywhere. Personally, I totally disagree with it. My understanding is gratuity not required. It’s based off service. I am aware that customer service wages in the US are lower and the staff, such as bartenders and wait staff rely on gratuity as part of their income. But there is no law requiring gratuity for service. I am happy to pay gratuity on service based on that service. It is bad edict to list the gratuity as part of the check and insist the patron to pay it. One time, I had steak as my dinner in an Italian restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. When I got the check, I didn’t notice the gratuity was listed in the corner of the bill, so I paid 18% gratuity which I thought was enough for that service they provided. After two seconds, that waiter came back to me with all astonishment on face, and asked me “Did I do something wrong?” I was totally confused at that moment, and I replied “I’ve already paid the tip. ”But that’s for bad service. “He showed me where they edict to list the gratuity as part of the check, that is, 18% gratuity for “bad service”, 20% gratuity for “average service”, 22% gratuity for “good service”. I actually was not satisfied with their behavior. First of all, customers are expected to pay for gratuity in US, however, it’s all from the heart how much gratuity they are willing to pay. It is unfair the customers are forced to do something when they are not satisfied. Second, I don’t think the wait staff deserves to get the entire gratuity. In the restaurants, most of them just do the work which they should do; they almost don’t provide anything particular to customers, unless you ask for it. For instance, every time when we are in restaurants they just give us the menu first and then take records once we decide what to order. Probably they will give you the answers when you have questions about the food to them. After that, they send the food to customers from the restaurant kitchen when it’s finished cooking. And they sometimes walk around when customers are having food, and asked you, “Everything is ok?”, “The food is good?” Of course, they will clean up the tables as long as you finish your food. I mean, they offer the simple service on several different customers meanwhile they are always be in busy and rushed. It’s just normal daily work they should do every day. In another hands, a combination of factors leads to customers to become fans of a restaurant is variety. Such as, the food, the price, the environment, the service, the accessories, and food is an important element for the restaurant business, which means most of the reason that customers chose the same restaurant regularly is due to the food, not because of the service. I probably would suggest them to share the gratuity with the chefs if they do want to list the gratuity as parts of the check and insist customers to pay it. Otherwise, without the chefs good jobs, from where the service staff can get the patrons to service. I really feel that customers are expected to pay gratuity everywhere in The States no matter the quality of service they get.

I spent my last three days in New Jersey, as I had to catch up my flight in the early morning. The Hilton Hotel I stayed is in bare area, there are not any restaurants nearby, so the only convenient way to get food was at the hotel. Unfortunately, it was not good experience to have dinner there. I got a seat once I entered the restaurant in the hotel, and no any service staff came to me since I had been waiting there for around ten minutes. I actually noticed one of the staff just sat there and doing nothing, I was not sure if it was clear why she was there. Then I walked toward her and told her that I needed to order some food and drink for my dinner. And she didn’t reply OK to me, it was her colleague who apologized to me for their inconsiderate service. But what disappointed me more was, after twenty minutes wait, what I got was totally not what I ordered. The original food I ordered was Italian sea food noodles, but what they gave me was American pizza. When I asked the waitress why you cooked me pizza by mistakes, and she seemed to be surprised with my question. She looked like didn’t know what I originally ordered was noodles, and she even suggested me to eat the pizza instead, as it was already done. However, I refused her advice, because I really don’t like pizza. Furthermore, it was not my mistake that cause this incidence truancy, so they should cook my sea food noodles. Finally I had my dinner after another fifteen minutes wait, and the noodles tasted delicious when I was really hungry.

As you can image, in the US, especially in hotel restaurants, they always list the gratuity as parts of the check and insist the patrons to pay. I was not satisfied with being forced to pay 20% gratuity on such lousy quality service. Maybe most Asians are quiet, that’s right, it is our culture that we try not to be involved in troubles. But we keep silent most of time doesn’t mean we won’t fight back in the certain ways. I believe everyone has individual views on different things, that is why people behavior in different ways or they have different reflection of the same thing. However, we all have our own principles, if the red flags are touched, then it’s obviously that we would choose to fight back and protect ourselves. This is the first lesson I have learned in the States, that lesson is, you need to fight. We actually struggle with life all the time. This theory is particle in big cities. For example, if the similar incidence happened on me next time in the restaurants, I don’t think I will just follow it. At least I will ask the service staff what the special service they offer to me that they think they deserve to get such high gratuity. I won’t accept the way they list the gratuity as parts of the check and insist me to pay. It sounds like I won’t know any rule of the restaurants before checking bills, when everything is almost done and I am ready to check. Suddenly, I am told I have to pay such amount of gratuity. It’s totally unfair to me. Think about it. If the patron can get the information about the gratuity they need to pay before starting to enjoy food in the restaurants, then things can be totally different. Because the customers will have opportunities to choose which are suitable to themselves. I am sure I will be put on the black list if I don’t obey the restaurants’ rules; Nevertheless, I will follow my heart and insist on it. As I believe I should say it if I have different opinions and it annoys me. I Probably can’t change things, but I do my best.

If people ask me what was the craziest thing I did during my first travel in States, I would say I signed the “Hilton Grand Vacations” contract with the Hilton club in New York. I did get the contract cancelation in the end and I got the deposit I paid back. At the beginning of staying in the “New York Hilton Midtown”, I was invited to join a meeting in Hilton Club, and I accepted it. Because I told myself I wouldn’t lose anything if I did it. Actually they were meetings about joining Hilton Club as a gold VIP membership. The salesman hosted and tried to get my basic information and my future travel plans. Based on my original plans that I intend to visit States twice per year, and each time I will spend couple of months there. In addition, I have vacations in other countries sometimes. Furthermore, due to my situation as a Chinese tourist, it is impossible for me to sign the lease contract and rent an apartment in US.

The only two methods to solve the living issue are hotel stay and apartment rent from Airbnb. Considered I am a single lady in the States, it is safer for me to stay in good standard hotels. In this case, I decided to continue the meeting with him and wondering more details about the project the salesman recommended to me. For the salesman, he is sophisticated enough to ask me if I was able to afford this project? Otherwise, he would rather not to waste time on it. Well, my answer to him was, I could use your installment purchase plans, right? Then I would not have too much finance stress. I admit, I had others purposes when I responded. I was curious how business goes on in the States and how the contracts worked here. Therefore, I made him keep going as my wish. Probably he saw my sincere and maybe he spent some time on explaining the Hilton vacation project, as I am non-native English speaker, so it took him some extra time to explain to me some academic vocabulary that is vital to the whole understanding. Whatever, he agreed with the installment purchase suggestion in the end and the deposit would be 2,000 dollars. I am not sure if it’s suitable to tell all of the details, I am just afraid all of you will think I am a bit crazy or I don’t have brain. Anyway, what I can tell is it’s not a very small amount of business, and I did make everything clearly before sign the signature on the contract. Right now I am holding the contract in hands, and browsing each page of it. I am thinking that what caused me to be so brave and signed the contract with Hilton Club? Did I really think I need that vacation project at the moment? What are the exact reasons that salesman trust me?

Well, it’s all about the physiological games. As a salesman, he needed to make sure I was able to afford this project, so he had so many questions about my income, daily expense and my finance situation. After that, he tried his best to sell that project to me. As a consumer, my original purpose was not to consumer in Hilton vacation club on that day. I was curious about their vacation project and how Americans do business. Because I was very clear that I was not willing to have a large amount of debt. In this case, the repayment of the debt would be over 10 years. I still made the decision to sign the contract, because I wanted to see how things would go, if I canceled it within the 20 day cancelation period. The reason why I did this was because I wanted to see if the salesman and his company would honor the contract. If you analyze this issue in another different view, probably you would understand me. I was very cautious in The United States as a I was new during my first travel there; when someone tried to sell products to me, I had alternative choice, and I decided to accept it. In my opinion, ifI am not having problems, I am missing an opportunity for growth. That was why I tested waters. Only if I experience it, then I can learn from it, in this case, I would make better decision next time. What I learnt from this issue is a contract is the only one thing to protect both consumers and operates. The content of contracts determines the outcome, and each side should make all details clear before signing the signatures on the contracts. Furthermore, it’s about the contract quality. Some bad contracts are harmful to consumers benefit, or some parts are even illegal, in this case, consumers have the rights to negotiate the content of contracts, and try to maintain their own benefits. Except it, what I think is also significant is to make decision, all our life is about making decisions. No matter what decision we make, we should learn to make it instead letting others make our decisions and then we care about correct decision or wrong decision. For this issue, I actually considered the worst result was that Hilton Club would not refund my 2,000 dollars. If it happened, there would be one more lesson I could learn. Then I can say I bought an expensive lesson, but what I got was valuable experience. The reality is they honored the contract, and refunded my deposit although the process was a bit rugged and there was an interlude that happened. I admit it is not very nice to test this water, but life is gamble, it depends how we handle it with our brain and experience.

These theories can be explained on my entertainment business as well. Around 3 years ago, when I started this business, I made a decision as to what type of escort I would be. Would I be a mistress? a slave? or a girlfriend…....? Each choice would lead to a different outcome. Fortunately, I made the correct decision when I chose to become a kinky romantic escort. That’s why I am still here to be with your gentlemen. Every time I get contact from guys, I try to get enough information from the communication by emails or phone calls, and then I make final decision with my intuition, if it is suitable to set appointments with them. Another example can be once the emergencies happened in appointments, I need be quick minded to inflect the urgent incidence and make decision to deal with it. It is all about decisions, and we make decision in all aspects of life.

This business looks like a simple one for outsiders, but once you are in it, you can tell it is not as easy as you image, especially if girls want to be on the top of it. First of all, there is no any contract to protect girls in this business. I call this low cost but high return business is based on high risk. Girls in this entertainment business always risk their safety. Some girls choose to get references from other working girls, this situation is very common in US market. Because it happened to me sometimes, that some American girls invited me to give references for clients. Personally, I don’t appreciate this method, so I have my own way to solve this problem. I prefer to communicate with guys first and exchange the fantasies and identify information, then make everything confirmed before appointments. Here are the things; guys who have tendency for meeting me should provide their TER or P411 membership, because girls can give referrals on clients in TER, and clients can be given OK from girls in P411. In this case, I almost can avoid the Police. Especially in Shanghai, this issue will not happen on me, because 99% of my clients are Caucasian males, which means it is impossible to have white policemen in China. After solving this problem, I need to select guys if they are suitable for me to meet. Due to my own taste and principles, I am picky to select the guys with whom I want to enjoy fun. Everything has two sides. Clients pick up their favorite girls, the providers also have the rights to be satisfied with the guys they pick as well. It is fair and reasonable to each side.

In my principles, money can never be the first motivation. I am a lady who has some taste, so the chemistry between me and clients is always put on the top of the standards. After that, let’s talk about money. If I feel uncomfortable in the communication, I definitely won’t make the appointments regardless how much money you would like to pay me. Because I am not the tool for you to spend money on recreation, what I need is to have connection with the nice gentlemen both in mental and physical. I believe my own intuition more than the references from others, and I think I have good gut feelings. The truth verified the allegations, 95% of the guys I met during these 3 years treated me nice and friendly, and I even make friends with some of them and keep connection with them.

My first official customer Mr. M has been my good friend for 3 years. He is a practical and successful American businessman, he cares about my every step of growth as an elder and he always supports and encourages me with his positive attitude. We sometimes like to talk about the breaking news, such as the latest American election, or the effects of Britain leaving the European Union. His philosophy is to analyze things and tells me to figure out how things work. An example of something he would analyze is the American election and news of the new American president. Mr. M explained to me that I should think things through and have my own philosophy. He told me that I should not always believe what others tell me and not believe everything so easily, or it just can be elements of reference for analyzing things. This theory is in my mind all the time and helps me a lot to be an independent and intelligent lady. There are many other sweet clients has been keeping friendships with me. I am influenced and invigorated by their great personalities or positive attitude. I try to learn from them and give myself a colorful life. I have already made a few friends in U.S during my last travel there, and some of them keep connection with me frequently. We sent greetings to each other, and we shared mood and daily stories. I even consulted them as a young sister when I was hesitated in dealing with things, and they tried to analyze and explain things to me, but have me make final decision instead of telling me what to do directly.

Sometimes I feel humanity is miraculous! Most of time people show the qualities of kindness and humanity. It’s hard to image that different skin color people have different culture, religion, faith and background can get together. I met them in the States and we spent some fabulous times together. But we are still in good relationship and it seems the stories are still fresh even if I came back to Shanghai 8 months ago. What’s between it? My answer is when people’s hearts are together, and then they are closer. It can be love, friendship, or partnership and so on. What makes people’s hearts get together? I would like to say they must have something in common like a bridge to connect them together, also known as “chemistry”. It’s not the first time that I have the feeling that the lucky goddess is attached to me. I have so many great people around me and they inspire me to try to be the best person I can be. In my last trip in U.S, I did something usual and it changed my point of views in some aspects. Chinese people maybe really need to see the world and learn from it, not just take photos every time when we visit tourist attractions or go for crazy shopping.

As I said at the beginning, that the best way to know of new places and new culture is to go inside the local people’s life. For an example, I met an Africa American client in New York, and I made appointments with him two times. It was my first time and the only one time to meet an Africa American guy, everything accessed my anticipation. We matched of each other perfectly, otherwise I wouldn’t meet him the second time. At the beginning he emailed me, I had some concern of meeting him, because I hadn’t had any experience with Africa Americans yet. So I expressed my consideration to him in the emails, and explained to him the reason why I have restriction is we don’t have multiple culture and religions in China. We all rose up in Chinese communities,so most of my life experience was with Chinese people, which means I am not racist; I am just not used to different skin color people. However, what made me feel better was his patience and good attitude. In the returned emails, he told me his background, family education, living surrounding, job position and life experience, he tried to convince me that skin color cannot be an element to judge people. Frankly speak, I agree with this point. I normally pay attention to people’s personality, personal taste, education, life experience;I am more into people’s inside. Therefore, in this case, we finally set up our first appointment based on a good start. When it happened, he was decent and respectful to women, I had the feeling that I was in safe hands. He seems to like petite Asian girls a lot, and he let me take control all the time, we did have very good time together. He probably didn’t want to offend me, so he made me take in charge of everything and got used of him and his size. I appreciate his attitude on me and the way he solve problems, he showed his nice personality and wisdom to me. Duo to the first favorable impression of each other, we made appointment for the second time and it went even better. We both were more relaxed and closer to each other, and itwas more like friends meeting than catching up with customers. He has good memory, he remembered all what I like and how to be pleased me in the right ways. He licked my sensitive nipples until I totally got wet when I focused on watching lesbian porn movies, and then he went all the way down and cleaned my tasted juice with his magic tongue and mouth. Nipples lick is the key to me, if guys do it in the correct ways and turns me on, I will be really passionate between the sheets. He put me on the top of him when he realized I was ready for him, and waited to see how I would play with him. I jumped on him very hard like a small tank, and then went deeper and deeper until I got orgasm and all my body got shaking. But then I didn’t stop jumping on him, because I was not satisfied with one time orgasm, I needed more from him. He is a smart guy and very experienced in bed, he started to move his body up and down with me together, and just loves to watch get there many times. We also hanged out like friends beside of the time in bed, he showed me around in Manhattanas a tour guide on his birthday and we celebrated it together. The great experience with this Africa American totally broke my conservative opinion, at least, I learnt to know of new things and accept it. Therefore, duo to this new experience, I even started to meet some other different nationalities people. I had a British Indian client and a Singapore Indian client, both of them were impressive to me and they showed me gentlemen behavior. I think it’s also a way to learn and grow, I learnt from life experience and I taught myself to keep big mind.

In general, I always offer good quality service to my customers. But I was not very satisfied with the performance I provided in my last trip in U.S in spite of the excellent reputation I got there. I am a serious person, but a bit sensitive. I do things with all my exertions, because I believe that life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. Probably almost everything which is related to my entertainment business in the State is different from in Shanghai, so I was not used to the work situation in U.S. for the first time. For examples, I provide outcall service most of time in Shanghai, which means I get well prepared with elegant dress and nice hair braid which is made in hair salon to meet customers in their hotels. But as a newer in the State, I had to offer incall service in my hotel room. So I had the wrong strategy to meet clients in lingerie, actually the meetings would be more formal if I could wear my elegant custom made dress. (Because of my gymnastic shape body, most lingerie or outfits don’t match of me very well). In another way, I don’t think I was kinky and passionate enough during my last US journey, especially for the kinky part, I almost didn’t show it to guys in U.S. Maybe some guys just booked me for a short session, so there was no time to get know of each other very well and get connection in mental, that’s why my performance was a bit mechanical in this case. I prefer to have some sweet white wine and have some spirit conversations at the beginning of the appointments, and then we make things come natural. I just like the feeling to get a bit drunk, because I am so passionate when I am a little bit drunk, then I will totally be your girl for the moment. I call my style “kinky romance”; I like to mix the girlfriend experience and kinky stuff together, I am a nice neighborhood girl, and a mistress as well. However, I am a sweet mistress, not a professional mistress. I don’t forbid guys to explore my body, and I like orgasms from guys a lot. As a mistress, what I like is to dominate my slaves in mental, use them as my toys, and make them feel helpless.

I look forward to my next U.S journey, and this time I will stay there for several months. Because I actually didn’t see a lot during my last trip there due to the winter season, so hopefully I can see more and experience more during my second visit in U.S. I want go to theaters, live shows, music concerts, sports competitions (basketball and American football), and many other things I want to explore. I try to go into the local people’s life there, and that would be a good way to know of the local culture and the people there. Nevertheless, I still want to keep my routine even if when I am in travelling. I need go to gym four or five times per weeks, lift weights, kick boxing and stretching; meet some nice gentlemen and enjoy each other; hang out and take part in some socialevents with friends together; go to bed before 1 a.m. and get enough rest for the next new day. Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.